About HNA

Where We are

The Houghton Neighborhood is bordered by 1-405 to the east, the Burlington Northern Railway right-of-way to the west, NE 68th Street to the North and the Kirkland city limit to the South.

Who we are

The Houghton Neighborhood Association formed in September 1990, is a non-profit association of neighbors who want to preserve and enhance the character of Houghton. HNA takes its authority from by-laws which were drawn up by the original steering committee and adopted by the association.

What We Do

We educate (and sometimes agitate) ourselves and our neighbors about land development issues. We correspond with the City of Kirkland on issues affecting safety, transportation and growth in our neighborhood.

How You Can Get Involved

HNA meets the second Tuesday of January, March, May, September, and November at 7:00pm. During Covid, we have been meeting virtually via Zoom. In the event of a more urgent matter, we may also schedule special meetings. Everyone is welcome. Show up to share what’s on your mind and a conversation with your neighbors.

Our Goals